Health & Wellbeing Coaches are here to support patients with creating healthier habits, self-care routines and lifestyle changes.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching empowers patients to make informed decisions and conscious choices about their healthcare, get clarity about their self-management, become more confident, be proactive, take ownership of their life, focus on what matters to them and find solutions on how they can better manage their conditions.

Where social prescribing link workers work with the external dynamics of a person’s life, a Health and Wellbeing Coach works with the internal dynamics – the things they can control through their own actions. These include but are not limited to – behaviours, beliefs, values, lifestyle, boundaries, relationships with others, food/alcohol, physical activity, actions/goals, interests, coping mechanisms, decisions, self-awareness, self-belief/esteem, confidence, and motivation, pain management, LTHC management and prevention.

We are excited to be working alongside the South Lincoln PCN’s social prescribing teams and care coordinators as part of the Living Well Team, to provide an all-encompassing approach to personalised care enabling people to work out how best to use the health and care system.

Health and Wellbeing Coaches can work closely with One You Lincolnshire to get patients further support in eating healthier, drinking less, moving more and being smoke free.

Please take a look at our welcome videos below to get to know us a little better.

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