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Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are groups of GP practices working together, as well as with other local organisations, such as community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services. This means greater provision of proactive, personalised and coordinated care to meet the needs of the population.

South Lincoln Healthcare PCN is made up of seven GP Practices, ranging from urban areas on the south side of the city of Lincoln, to rural villages extending southwards.  The group became a PCN in 2019 having worked together as a GP Federation since 2015, and now the PCN and Federation run alongside each other.  

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Our population is just under 50,000 people, with a higher percentage of older people and lower deprivation indicators than the Lincolnshire average. The leading cause of disability is musculoskeletal disorders followed by mental health.

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By working together with each other and other health and social care partners, the South Lincoln Healthcare PCN practices are able to take up opportunities to improve patient care and the health of our population which would not be possible as individual practices. We provide an Enhanced Access service with appointments available on the evenings and weekends, for more information and details please click the link Enhanced Access. Further examples include employing additional staff to work across practices such as the Living Well Team, Clinical Pharmacists, First Contact Physiotherapy Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners.

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South Lincoln Healthcare PCN is a member of the Lincolnshire PCN Alliance, which allows us to come together with other PCNs to work together on common goals and provide a voice for primary care in Lincolnshire as we move towards an Integrated Care System.

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