South Lincoln Healthcare Living Well Team

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The Living Well Team will enable people living with a range of health problems and chronic conditions to overcome the barriers so they can participate in everyday life and improve their health and wellbeing. The team includes four Occupational Therapists, a Health and Wellbeing Coach, a Social Prescribing Link Worker and an Admissions and Discharges Care Coordinator.

The Living Well Team is led by the Living Well Team Lead and ideally placed to provide prevention and early intervention solutions in the primary care setting, enabling people to successfully self-manage their conditions and build their resilience. This can minimise crisis situations, prevent further deterioration and promote independence and social inclusion.

Occupational Therapists are skilled in assessing the components of everyday occupations and roles that matter to people, identifying the impact of developmental, physical and mental health conditions on these occupations and devising intervention plans to enable people to overcome areas of dysfunction and engage fully in their day-to-day lives.

The Health and Wellbeing Coach will work proactively in a person centred, trauma informed approach utilising personalised care plans to empower people to make informed decisions about their care and take ownership of their health using mindfulness, solution focussed therapy and motivational interviewing to support them through their disease, illness or disability. Goal orientated and coaching approach at the forefront of each plan.

The Social Prescribing Link Worker will work with individuals in a person-centred, holistic way, making their circumstances the focus of discussions and ensuring their personal choices take priority – ‘what matters to me’.

The team will also work in partnership with other health and social care professionals to respond to crises in the home, keep people as safe as possible, enhancing independence and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions.

The Living Well Team will be -

  • Inclusive: All adults, all conditions, all areas of occupational performance
  • Accessible: simple referral process, local, direct access
  • Responsive: flexible and individualised
  • Comprehensive: Multi-morbidity, assessment, intervention, joint working
  • Proactive: Prevention and early intervention
  • Capacity building: less GP appointments, fewer onward referrals, reduced need for social care, cost savings, reduction in calls to emergency services and reduction in hospital admissions